China blasts UK Foreign Secretary's Hong Kong remark
Updated 02:34, 28-Sep-2019
CGTN, Zhang He
UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab addresses MPs in Parliament. AFP PHOTO / PRU

UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab addresses MPs in Parliament. AFP PHOTO / PRU

China has blasted British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab's Hong Kong remarks after he gave an answer to an Urgent Question at the House of Commons on Thursday. 

"We express grave concern and firm opposition to the British government official once again making irresponsible remarks on Hong Kong." said a spokesperson of Chinese Embassy in the U.K.

Raab told British lawmakers that “I remain seriously concerned by the situation in Hong Kong” and that “We expect China to live up to its obligations under it [Chinese-British joint declaration] and… to its wider international human rights law obligations, including those in the U.N. charter”.

The Spokesperson said the Chinese Embassy has made solemn position on Hong Kong clear to the U.K. government on many occasions. "I want to stress that since the handover, “One Country, Two Systems” has achieved remarkable success in Hong Kong, which is widely recognized by the international community."

Early this year, Chinese Ambassador to the U.K. Liu Xiaoming held two press conferences to explain the situation in Hong Kong and urge the foreign forces to stop interfering in Hong Kong affairs.

The embassy reiterated that the U.K. should immediately stop interfering in Hong Kong affairs and other internal affairs of China.

"The colonial era is long gone and Hong Kong is now a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China. The U.K. has no sovereignty, no right to govern or supervise over Hong Kong. Hong Kong affairs are purely internal affairs of China,” the embassy said.