Hong Kong Polytechnic University: The Aftermath

CGTN Reporters gained access to Hong Kong’s Polytechnic University after authorities cleared it of hazardous items.
Zhao Yunfei and Wei Diqi were able to go inside and see first hand what protesters have left behind.


Inside, authorities found 3,989 petrol bombs, 1,339 pieces of explosives, 601 bottles of corrosive liquid and 573 weapons.. The weapons included hammers, air guns, bows, arrows and catapults for brick launching.


POLY U is covered in shattered glass, nails, bricks and broken debris. The university estimates it would take five to six months to repair the damage.


More than 1,000 people have been arrested after leaving Polly U but according to University President Teng Jin-guang, less than 50 were registered students.


The blockade at Poly U is over but rioters in Hong Kong continue to rally.