Will Black Friday sales beat Singles Day in 2019?
Fanyi Xu
North America;United States of America

Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the biggest shopping event in the United States, take place this week. In 2018, $14.2 billion worth of items were sold across the US on Black Friday and the Cyber Monday.

However when comparing Black Friday in the US to Singles Day in China, there is no comparison. In 2019, Alibaba alone sold $38.4 billion worth of goods on Singles Day. Singles Day started ten years ago by the Alibaba portal as a 24-hour shopping event.

In 2018, Alibaba made total US$30.8 billion and shipped over one billion packages in one day. This record is over two times of the total sales of Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the same year.

Do you think the Black Friday in 2019 will beat the Singles Day this time?