The annual climate talks kicked off Monday. Here's what they're about

The annual climate change talks kicked off on Monday and will run for two weeks. COP25's aim is to tackle the growing environmental crisis which has seen young people taking to the streets across the globe, demanding that leaders pay more attention to the issue.

As many as 50 world leaders are expected to take part in the conference, with a few speaking at the inauguration.

President Hilda Heine of the low-lying Marshall Islands said by video link that, as global emissions continued to rise, “all countries need to do more” to reduce them urgently.

In her Pacific atoll nation, water covers much of the land at some point every year as tides rise higher, she said. Just last week, hundreds of people had to evacuate their homes after the capital Majuro was flooded by large waves.

"It’s a fight to death for anyone not prepared to flee," she said. "As a nation we refuse to flee, but we also refuse to die."

Statista, an insight and fact collecting website, put out this graph which shows which countries with large economies are responsible for the most CO2 emissions per capita.

Statista’s data journalist Felix Richter, goes on to say that, "Finding a global action plan against climate change is as necessary as it is difficult. As the following chart illustrates, per capita CO₂ emissions vary vastly across countries, making it difficult to come up with a plan to limit emissions at a global level without hurting the development prospects of emerging economies that (perhaps rightfully) feel limited responsibility for the climate crisis."