Here's what independent Cuban directors are saying about the country's cinema

Havana's movie theaters are screening films from Latin America and other parts of the world during the 41st Havana Film Festival, which also showcases Cuban independent films.  

For decades, Cuba's state-owned film industry has stood out in this part of the world. 

And earlier this year, the government legalized independent film making here, acknowledging the contribution made by young, independent filmmakers like Daniel Santoyo. 

Independent filmmakers can hire, or be hired, operate bank accounts and work with other Cuban or foreign producers. 

During the festival, independent filmmaker Armando Capo presented his film "August," which captures his memories as a young boy during the 1994 Cuban migration crisis. 

Cuban movie makers agree that government recognition of independent filmmaking can also help boost the number of Cuban films produced every year. 

Some 300 films will be screened at this year's festival - with around 10% produced by Cuban directors.