IMF: China's reaction to coronavirus 'very appropriate'
Updated 11:37, 13-Feb-2020

IMF has predicted a six percent growth for China's economy in 2020, amid the coronavirus outbreak. 

International Monetary Fund Managing Director, Kristalina Georgieva, says the China-U.S. trade deal helped give the economy a boost. 

CGTN's Yin Yue sat down with IMF Managing Director to talk about China's response to the outbreak and how it is impacting the local and global economy.


Chinese authorities are working on a strategy to kick the economy back into gear.

To better combat the epidemic, the country will increase funding and roll out targeted tax and fee reduction measures to ease strains on firms, while looking to offer discounted loan interest rates for producers of anti-virus materials.

Other parts of the government's strategy to boost the economy include state-owned enterprises cutting rents, banks keeping interest rates low and city governments making sure workers who went home on holiday can come back to their jobs.