Rocket attack hits north Iraq base hosting U.S. troops according to security sources
Updated 05:15, 14-Feb-2020

An Iraqi base where American troops are stationed was hit in a rocket attack, Iraqi and U.S. security sources tell AFP.

The Katyusha rocket hit the base at about 8:45 local time (17:45 GMT) Thursday, the agency added, quoting three separate Iraqi security sources. 

No reports of casualties have been made so far.  

The base is located 15 kilometers to the northwest of Kirkuk and it houses U.S. military forces as well as Iraqi forces from the Federal Police and Counter-Terrorism Service.

Security forces found the launch pad from which the rocket was fired, with 11 more rockets still inside, but the perpetrators were on the run. 

An Iraqi security source told AFP that the launch pad was found about five kilometers from the base, in a multi-ethnic area.

It is the first attack on the K1 base since December 27 last year, when a volley of around 30 rockets killed a U.S. contractor there.

Washington blamed that attack on the Hezbollah Brigades, a hard-line Iraqi military faction close to Iran.

The U.S. then carried out retaliatory strikes that left 25 Hezbollah Brigade fighters dead and, days later, killed Iran's point man on Iraqi affairs Qasem Soleimani.

Source(s): AFP