New green business in Mexico: Vegan leather

Mexico's Polybion company, based in Guanajuato state, created a green business producing vegan leather. 

It's a bio-textile made entirely from eco-friendly and non-animal products.

It's sourced instead from organic waste, like mango seeds and fruit skins.

Company founder Axel Gomez told us they get the fruit scraps from the local fruit industry, and then brew these scraps into bio-leather using bacteria, which eat the scraps and assemble a matrix that is very similar to leather in terms of performance, look, feel and even smell.

The vegan leather can be used in the shoe and textile industries. 

Mexican shoe designer Alba Vasquez said she has been working with the vegan leather for the past year. 

She says the quality is actually better than synthetic leather made from plastic. 

With a large market for this product, particularly in Europe, the business is growing in Mexico.

Would you buy vegan leather products?