Recovery - 24 hours in Wuhan: Navigating life and death in ICU

For critical COVID-19 patients, the intensive care unit is their last hope and for the medical staff, the ICU is the last line of defense between live and death. 

The medical staff works to keep the ICU running at full capacity by doing their best to save lives and fight the virus. 

CGTN spoke to Liu Zhiyong, a ICU medic who works in Xiangya Hospital.   

Doctor Liu was tracking the treatment and progress of a patient with a severe COVID-19 infection. 

There are two severe cases in the isolation area of Wuhan’s Xiehe hospital, taken over by Liu Zhiyong and his medical team.  

As an intensive care unit doctor, or ICU doctor, Liu’s job is to keep dying patients alive. He not only helped heal a patient’s body but also gave them compassionate care.   

Liu says "Lots of patients have been on the verge of collapse staying in the hospital for such a long time. Therefore, we need to give them more compassionate care. We should always encourage them when we make rounds." 

China has sent over 40,000 medical workers to Wuhan and more than 10,000 are ICU medics.

As coronavirus cases declined most of the medical workers returned home. 

With China lifting the lockdown on Wuhan, a gradual return to a normal life begins in the city.

Watch the full documentary here.

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