COVID-19: World passes 100,000 deaths & extended lockdowns

The global death toll from COVID-19 has passed 102,000.

According to Johns Hopkins University, as of Friday, nearly 1.7 million people have tested positive for the virus, with the U.S. far and away ahead of any other country. 

Although the number of ICU patients in New York, the U.S. epicenter of the virus, has dropped, the city continues to see a spike in deaths. 

While some countries are considering lifting COVID-19 restrictions, the World Health Organization warns of a resurgence in global infections. 

Officials are urging people to continue to follow COVID-19 guidelines as many hope to celebrate religious holidays such as Passover and Easter. 

In Europe, the UK experienced a record spike in deaths in just 24 hours and Italy has extended its nationwide lockdown to May 3rd. 

Meanwhile, Spain has reported COVID-19 deaths are slowing down but the country continues to have the third highest death toll. 

It's also been 100 days since the WHO was informed of COVID-19.

The organization learned about the first infection on December 31, 2019 and activated emergency measures on January 1, 2020.

Within days, the WHO published its first news about the virus.

China reported the first known COVID-19 death on January 11. 

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