New Yorkers still taking cramped subway amid pandemic

Many New Yorkers have to travel by subway, even though they're anxious.

"I'm scared for like people not to touch me, people not to get close to me. I'm scared for other people, too. They ride too close. We New Yorkers, we don't listen. That's the problem," Ebrahima Sumareh, an Amtrak employee said.

Trains are still running through the city, although they are on limited schedules. In these cramped spaces, most aren't able to practice social distancing.

"Everybody is very scared. They're trying to keep their distance from each other. But it's impossible," Shaderra Armstead, a receptionist said.

COVID-19 has killed over 5,100 New Yorkers and counting, including at least 41 Metropolitan Transportation Authority workers. Public transportation is not a problem unique to New York. London, Paris, and Seoul are also struggling to keep buses and trains running and safe for their essential workers.

Would you ride the subway amid this pandemic?

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