Abuse on the rise: How children are affected by COVID-19 lockdowns
Omar Elwafaii

In the U.S., March 2020 was the first time there were no reported school shootings during the month of March since 2002, as most schools closed amid COVID-19. That is a silver lining for children while higher cases of abuse and exploitation have been reported during the international COVID-19 lockdown.

Around the world, domestic abuse cases have spiked. Children are often witnesses to abuse or abused themselves. Children in abusive households are at greater risk during the lockdown and 1 in 15 American children are exposed to 'intimate partner abuse' each year. Experts say that parental financial strain is a factor contributing to both domestic and child abuse.

Child sexual abuse is also on the rise. There's been an increase in cases where abuse is being live-streamed from places like the Philippines to pedophiles mostly in the West. 

With the lockdown, many kids from low-income families are at risk of going hungry. 60% of school-aged children in the U.S. depend on the  National School Lunch Program for nutritious, balanced meals.

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