Watch these clown get arrested in Peru

Police in a town in southern Peru arrested more than 20 clowns, yes clowns, and other children's entertainers for breaking coronavirus lockdown restrictions this week. Peru has confirmed more than 72,000 COVID-19 infections to date and topped 2,000 deaths.

It was an unusual sight as street performers, many in costume, filed into the police station. Not a squeak was heard from Minnie Mouse, nor a word from Super Mario. They were arrested while performing in a Mother's Day parade in the Peruvian town of Andahuaylas. 

Peru has enforced one of the strictest coronavirus lockdowns in Latin America. Public gatherings are banned and the police in this town wanted to show it was no joke. But as the coronavirus quarantine nears two months, the urge to clown around by some is perhaps understandable. Even so, President Martín Vizcarra has warned his family-minded Peruvians to keep their distance.

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