Colombians have internet, but face other challenges getting online

During the COVID-19 the internet is Colombia's social lifeline.

For decades, Colombia has worked at giving its citizens free internet access.

"According to a couple of studies, in terms of affordability, Colombia is number one in the world," said Diego Molano, the former minister of ITC.

Many Colombians have the Internet, but they don't have the training and experience to put it to good use.  

"Eighty-five percent of people that are connected to the internet only use it for entertainment, or basic communication purposes. Not to be more productive. Not to learn on the net. Not to work on the net," Molano said.

That isn’t the only challenge.

Too few Colombians have the hardware to use the internet.

According to government stats 28.8% Colombians have a portable computer.

And only 20.6% of the population have a desktop.

While only 10.9% have a tablet.

Colombians also need training to learn how to incorporate the web into their daily lives.

"How [can] we make sure that citizens understand the real value of the internet
the real value to improve our lives, to be more productive, to get a job, to work on the net, to study on the net, to learn things on the net," Molano said.