How to find a job in times of COVID-19
Updated 02:51, 23-May-2020

In these unprecedented times, the economic crisis has made it harder for people to find a job. More than 38 million Americans have filed for unemployment benefits in just two months, the total count only increasing each week. 

Career counselor Roy Cohen says finding a job is tough but not difficult. 

Here are some tips to accelerate your job application process:

- Make sure that you are feeling that you deserve a job.

- Apply immediately for unemployment insurance. That will help ease some of the stress that you may feel. 

- Don't show up unprepared for an interview. Rigorous preparation is more important now than ever before. 

- Exhaust every possible job board. Companies are relying far more on technology now to identify candidates. 

- Make sure your resume speaks directly to what the job is looking for.

- Demonstrate that you are comfortable working with technology. You need to demonstrate that you can work remotely. And companies now that they are re-thinking how you work, they want to know that their potential candidates are comfortable working remotely.

- Get any job now. It doesn't matter what job it is. 

- Do the heavy lifting. Its up to you whether it's an interview or networking, to connect the dots for whoever it is you're talking to. 

- Be precise in your message. You should be able to explain why you want the job, what qualifies you for the job and how you are going to add value.

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