COVID-19 pandemic affects Mexican remittances from U.S.

Mexicans working in the U.S. send money for their families back in Mexico. The flow of dollars adds heavily to Mexico's economy. 

But due to the coronavirus pandemic and the economic situation in the U.S., its hard for Mexicans in the U.S. to send remittances to their families & friends. 

"It's a difficult situation over there, here too, but we share what we can. She hasn't got much work, and when she can, they pay her about five dollars a day. So when I send her some money, it's a huge relief,”says Santos Jaimes, Mexican Migrant in Texas who is working construction north of the border. 

He is 71 years old, but has to send money home to support his family. 

Remittances of dollars are one of Mexico's major economic drivers, totaling more than $36 billion dollars last year, an all-time high. Indeed, U.S. dollars sent south across the border account for roughly 3% of Mexico's Gross Domestic Product.