Brazil's COVID-19 death toll becomes the second highest in the world
Updated 06:43, 01-Jul-2020

Brazil has become the world No. 2 hot spot for COVID-19 cases, reaching 1,368,195 cases with total of 58,314 deaths.

In early June, the government stopped updating the total number of coronavirus fatalities and infections, a move critics call an attempt to hide the full toll of the disease.

James Alan has worked as a gravedigger at the biggest cemetery for seven years. 

They used to bury around 30 to 40 bodies on a busy day. Nowadays they are doing more than 50 burials every day.

"I've never imagined this. This has taken everyone by surprise. Not only Brazil, but the whole world was taken by surprise. This has been the worst situation since I started working here." Alan said.

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