46 nations support China's anti-terrorism efforts in Xinjiang

More than 40 nations have highly recognized China's efforts in fighting against terrorism and extremism to protect human rights in Xinjiang at the 44th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council on Wednesday.

In a statement delivered by the representative of Belarus, Vadim Pisarevich, the 46 countries take terrorism and extremism as threats to all humanity, which undermines human rights of local residents who fall victim to the violence. 

"We note with appreciation that China has undertaken a series of measures in response to threats in accordance with the law to safeguard the human rights of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang," Vadim Pisarevich said in the statement.

He also applauded China's transparency on handling Xinjiang's issue. He mentioned in the statement that China has invited more than 1000 diplomats, international organization officials, media professionals and religion leaders to visit Xinjiang. He said the countries are impressed with the region's peace and stability, as Xinjiang has witnessed no violent and terror activities for the past three years.

Chen Xu, China's ambassador to the UN in Geneva, said, "The Xinjiang-related issues are not so-called human rights, ethnic and religious issues, but anti-terrorism and anti-secession issues. China has taken effective measures, and people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang have fully enjoyed all human rights in a peaceful and safe environment, which has been widely recognized by the international community."

The statement also emphasizes that any acts of politicizing human rights issues should be prohibited.

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