U.S. Vaccine rollout comes amid surge in cases and deaths

The global tally of confirmed COVID-19 cases now stands at more than 90 million. The U.S. leads all other nations with nearly 23 million infections. The country reported a record high of 4,462 daily COVID-19 deaths on Tuesday.

Over the past week, an average of more than 3,300 people have died every day, an increase of 217% over mid-November.

As of January 7, nearly 2.3 million children in all have tested positive for COVID-19 in the U.S.

Arizona, Rhode Island, Oklahoma, and South Carolina have become new hotspots in the U.S.

California’s Disneyland theme park is being transformed into a massive COVID-19 vaccination site as that state expands vaccinations to all those age 65 and older.

Several states are ramping up mass vaccination campaigns. According to CDC data, more than 10.2 million first doses of vaccine have been administered so far, well below the government’s original goal of vaccinating 20 million people by the end of 2020. 

As positive cases keep rising, Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar announced the federal government will no longer hold back second doses of COVID-19 vaccine and instead push states to get more older people their first doses.

The new plan recommends anyone 65 and older get the vaccine as soon as possible and offers federal help to states to expand testing.

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