The top Lunar New Year videos
Updated 07:52, 13-Feb-2021

Every Lunar New Year, global companies launch highly-produced videos, many cinematic and filled with high drama and emotion.

Take a look at some of the best Lunar New year videos.

Coronavirus themes

Many videos this year addressed the current world pandemic. 

YAKULT新年2021- Miles apart, but close at heart
From probiotics company Yakult Malaysia comes this video about a health care worker and her mother.

Maxis CNY 2021 - Little Lion | 小狮王
Also from Malaysia, communications provider Maxis is a video about a boy who dreams of being a lion dancer, but is hindered by pandemic cancellations.

Call Me Steady | Chinese New Year 2021 Short Film
From the government of Singapore is this cute take on some of the upsides to a COVID new year.

COURTS CNY 2021 Where There's Love, There's Home
Retailer Courts Malaysia offers this pandemic new year story.


Shot on iPhone 12 Pro Max I Chinese New Year – Nian
Apple is known for getting well-known directors to make their annual New Year videos. Check out this year's video by filmmaker Lulu Wang shot entirely on an iPhone.

The making of Apple's "Nian"
As an added bonus, Apple always publishes a "making of" video:

Home Alone Kids
Coca Cola tackled the social issue of children of migrant workers in this documentary. Many migrant parents can only visit with their children a short time during the lunar new year. 

Family relations

Like any holiday gathering, Chinese New Year can be filled with generational and familial conflicts. And like many Asian stories, devotion to family is often a theme.

Apple - Shot on iPhone 11 Pro — Chinese New Year — Daughter
Another Apple product featuring actor Zhou Xun and directed by filmmaker Theodore Melfi. Also shot entirely on an iPhone.

PETRONAS​ CNY Greetings 2019 - HEART
Malaysian oil and gas company Petronas tells the story of a busy employee who regrets choosing work over her mother.

Mr Lim’s Reunion Dinner
Singapore Telecommunications created the tale of busy children who regret not spending time with their father on Chinese New Year.


CCTV - Chopsticks
From our parent company CCTV, comes this video about Chinese New Year centering on the physical object of chopsticks while conveying all the qualities of love, family, community and togetherness. 

Apple - Three minutes
Another Apple tearjerker is this iPhone-shot video about a train employee who can only ever see her son for three minutes. It's directed by filmmaker Peter Chan and based on a true story.

KFC - Wild Brothers
From the chicken king KFC is this funny and thoughtful video about a director who comes face-to-face with his past self.


Lunar New Year: The Great Chase | Nike
Nike covers the cultural tradition of refusing money from others in a hilarious take following a woman and her gift-giving nemesis through the years.

TNB CNY 2021 – Nian-tastic New Start

This video from Malaysia's electricity company Tenaga Nasional Berhad, you just have to see for yourself. 

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