U.S. Pentagon plans to reduce conflict with China

The U.S. military plans to reduce conflict and promote peace with China and the Indo-Pacific Region, but the U.S. forces will continue to fly and sail in the South China Sea said U.S. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby at a press briefing on Friday. 

In addition, Kirby emphasized that the country's newly established China Taskforce will have a sharp focus on the Indo-Pacific Region, and China, in particular. There will be "a lot of work" to do, he added.

China has made repeated condemnation about the U.S. violation of Chinese sovereignty and territorial integrity in the South China Sea and has consistently called for cooperation, not confrontation, between the two countries, and urged the U.S. to respect China's core interest.  

Regarding the military plan in other parts of the world,  Kirby said that U.S. Secretary of Defense will review the situation in the Pacific region and plans to meet with NATO counterparts to discuss U.S. agreement with Taliban. Also, the U.S. wants to see Iran meet its commitments, and will make sure the U.S. has military capabilities in the region.

To get more Americans receive their COVID-19 vaccines,  the Pentagon is going to deploy 4,700 military medical staff to help in mass vaccination sites run by the federal government.    

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