Hint water CEO on how she started a multimillion dollar company
Updated 06:11, 11-Mar-2021

Kara Goldin, the founder and CEO of the bottled water company Hint says that one benefit of the global pandemic is that people are much more concerned about their health.

It was concern about her own health 16 years ago that led her to find an untapped part of the beverage market and develop a preservative-free flavored bottled water.

Hint is now valued at $150 million, according to the financial data firm PrivCo.

Goldin talks to CGTN about how she founded the company, the early challenges she faced, and why she thinks women should should just start ventures and not listen to their fears.

Goldin has also expanded her company's products to sunscreen and has authored a book: "Undaunted: Overcoming Doubts and Doubters."

She also hosts a podcast "Unstoppable," where she speaks to entrepreneurs.

Here's what Goldin has to say about women finding opportunities to try new ideas during the pandemic.


See how Goldin faced competition from the behemoth soda company, Coca-Cola.


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