Why are more migrants coming to the U.S. border now?
Omar Elwafaii
North America;United States of America

“[We are coming to the U.S.] because of the insecurity in our country. Because not enough jobs are being created there. So, we're coming for the American dream, and to ask for asylum. That is the dream we are carrying with us since we left with our families. I hope to God that we can achieve it, and we hope to God that we can,” Eduardo Josue, a Guatemalan migrant said.

The flow of migrants from Central and South America into the U.S. is rising. Many are unaccompanied minors fleeing poverty and instability.

The number of illegal crossings has been steadily rising since October 2020. But a recent spike in border crossings has Republicans warning Biden’s policies will lead to an immigration crisis. The Biden administration has acknowledged part of the reason more migrants are crossing the border is their immigration policy changes. 

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