Will Nepal become the next COVID-19 hotspot?

Nepal is suffering its worst COVID-19 surge as India’s spreads across South Asia.

The country has reported 58 deaths and more than 8,600 new cases on Wednesday, according to Johns Hopkins University. 

On April 30, the Nepal Health Ministry issued a statement saying that the situation has become “unmanageable”.

“As the number of infections has been increasing, the health system is not able to cope and a situation has already arisen in which hospital beds cannot be made available,” the statement read. 

The country only has 1,595 intensive care beds and 480 ventilators for it 30 million people, according to the Nepalese government's official COVID-19 response plan from May 2020.

Due to the lack of hospital beds, some patients are being treated in hospital hallways.

Local Chinese associations in Nepal have been voicing support for the country's efforts to combat COVID and say they are ready to help with medical aid for Nepalese people.

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