China condemns false statement on Xinjiang by LA Times

The Los Angeles Times published an editorial on the so-called "genocide" and "forced labor" in Xinjiang and advocated boycotting Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games on Friday. A spokesperson of the Chinese Consulate General in Los Angeles condemned this falsified coverage about Xinjiang based on lies and rumors and urged the Los Angeles Times to abandon ideological bias and stop politicization of sports. Here's the full text:

On May 28, the Los Angeles Times published an editorial that hyped about the lies of so-called "genocide" and "forced labor" in Xinjiang and even advocated boycotting Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games. This editorial is based on falsified facts. It does not have in it the slightest credibility but full of ideological bias.

The so-called "genocide" in Xinjiang is a scheme set up by some U.S. and western politicians for political purposes and a card played to contain China. It is just a downright lie. The editorial cited the so-called reports about Xinjiang fabricated by rumor-monger Adrian Zenz, and even alleged that China forced about 8 million people into "reeducation camps". This is sheer nonsense that has no basis in facts and could not be more ridiculous.

Xinjiang-related issues are not about human rights, ethnicity or religion, but about fighting terrorism and separatism. The so-called "genocide" is completely groundless. The fact is, the Uygur population in Xinjiang rose from 10.17 million in 2010 to 12.72 million in 2018, an increase of 25%, much higher than that of regional overall residents of 14%, and way higher than that of the Han population of 2%. What kind of "genocide" is there in the world? The Chinese government launched anti-terrorism and de-radicalization efforts in Xinjiang in accordance with the law to protect people's lives, which has garnered ardent support of people from all ethnic groups.

There is no "forced labor" in Xinjiang, neither in the cotton-growing industry nor in any other production activities. In fact, picking cotton in Xinjiang is a well-paid job. Cotton pickers all sign labor contracts with planters voluntarily through equal footing consultation. There is no need whatsoever for "forced labor". With the development of science and technology, cotton production in Xinjiang has become highly mechanized. About 70% of all cotton is being harvested mechanically. The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) Shanghai representative office has made the statement: "Since 2012, the Xinjiang project site has performed second-party credibility audits and third-party verifications over the years, and has never found a single case related to incidents of forced labor." Behind the attempt to boycott Xinjiang cotton are the sinister intentions. Xinjiang cotton is pure white and does not allow for any unscrupulous slander.

Hosting the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games is another important contribution of China to the international Olympic movement. Winter sports athletes and lovers around the world are keen to participate in the Beijing Games. We firmly reject the politicization of sports, which not only goes against the spirit of the Olympic Charter but also jeopardizes the cause of the Olympics and the interests of athletes from around the world including the United States. Such an attempt will never succeed.

We urge the Los Angeles Times to do away with ideological bias, respect the underlying reality, and do something good for the readers to better understand China with objective facts, not lies.


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