This baby albino elephant was rescued and is now friends with a sheep
Omar Elwafaii
Africa;South Africa

This albino elephant had a tough start. At four months old, she got caught in a poaching snare in South Africa's Kruger National Park that cut through her mouth. She was trapped for days, couldn't eat, and was in bad shape. But then she was rescued and sent to HERD, a sanctuary where she's been treated for her wounds.

Many elephants in the sanctuary's herd were also orphaned and raised there. Albino elephants are rare, but those who have the condition can adapt to their environment. 

Khanyisa, whose name means sunshine in the local Tsonga language, is able to shelter in larger elephants' shadows on sunny days to protect her skin. Khanyisa has bonded with a sheep named Lammie, who has provided support as a surrogate mother to many others at HERD.

Khanyisa still bears scars from the early wounds but has been very happy at the sanctuary, organizers say.

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