How cool would it be to hang out with this gentle giant
Updated 06:57, 18-Jun-2021

An orangutan wandered into a remote Indonesian village and hung out with surprised residents for several days earlier this month in a rare encounter between the critically endangered species and humans.

Locals were amazed when the large male strolled into the village of Lusan in East Kalimantan on June 7. Villagers gathered around to feed the ape which appeared to be weak and possibly lost.

Officials from the East Kalimantan Natural Resources Conservation Center arrived after several days and transported the unexpected visitor to a conservation center from which it was due to be released into the Bornean forest. The center suspects that the ape was previously released into the wild from a conservation program because a microchip was found in his body.

Illegal logging, oil palm farming and other industry have caused severe declines in orangutan populations and ranges.

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