Through their eyes: Pioneering China Journalist Helen Snow
Updated 06:59, 22-Jun-2021
Sean Callebs

In 1931, a young woman from rural southern Utah had a dream of writing the great American novel.  Helen Foster’s mother gave her daughter a simple Kodak camera and challenged Foster to see the world. And did she ever - traveling alone to embrace a search for adventure in China. She found love, and marriage- becoming Helen Foster Snow. 

No one could have predicted what unfolded in China in the 1930’s. Snow had a front row seat to history as she blossomed into a respected international journalist. She saw war, hunger, persecution, wide-spread suffering - all while chronicled the infancy of China’s communist party. 


Snow’s unflinching look at this important moment in time made her a celebrated figure in China - but at home in the United States little is known about her contributions to history. Learn more about this fascinating person.

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