Handover ceremony of first batch of emergency Afghanistan aid held
Updated 23:27, 02-Oct-2021

On the evening of September 29 local time, the first batch of emergency humanitarian aid materials from the Chinese government for Afghanistan arrived smoothly at Kabul International Airport. 

Acting Minister of Refugee Affairs Khalil Haqqani of the interim government, acting Deputy Minister Arsala Khan Haruti, acting deputy minister Qari Mahmud Shah Sahib and other nearly 10 senior officials went to the airport to greet him. China and Afghanistan held a grand handover ceremony on the tarmac. Ambassador Wang Yu and Khalil co-chaired the ceremony.

Ambassador Wang said that since the beginning of this year, affected by the drought, the third wave of epidemic and the turbulence of the situation, especially the recent fundamental changes in the situation in Afghanistan, with the establishment of the interim government and the gradual restoration of normal order, Afghanistan urgently needs the support and assistance of the international community. As a friendly neighbor of Afghanistan, China has always paid close attention to the needs of the Afghan people. Chinese leaders have recently attended several meetings of multilateral mechanisms concerning Afghanistan, announcing and calling on the international community to provide emergency humanitarian aid to Afghanistan. 

Despite many difficulties, China delivered this batch of blankets, down jackets and other winter materials urgently needed by the Afghan people to Kabul in a short time. This is a strong testimony to China's practical implementation of its commitment to aid Afghanistan and its efforts to help the Afghan people tide over the difficulties. Next, the Chinese side will continue to step up the preparation of other materials and food, and I believe they will be ready soon.

Afghanistan is still faced with grave humanitarian and livelihood challenges, as well as the COVID-19 pandemic. The international community should make concerted efforts to help the Afghan people out of their plight. In particular, certain countries, as the initiators of the difficult situation in Afghanistan, should honor their commitments to Afghanistan and shoulder their due responsibilities and obligations so as to do more good and practical things to ease the difficulties faced by the Afghan people as soon as possible.
Khalil said that China is a good neighbor and friend of Afghanistan. 

I am deeply grateful for the timely provision of humanitarian aid during the most difficult period. I hope China can provide further assistance in the future. Afghanistan faces extremely grave economic and livelihood difficulties and urgently needs assistance from the international community in various fields. Afghanistan will honor its commitments to its neighbors and the international society. At the same time, the overseas assets frozen by the United States and other countries belong to the Afghan people and must be unfrozen as soon as possible for the benefit of the Afghan people.

Haruti said that China's assistance is timely aid and Afghanistan will keep it in mind. With winter approaching, nearly a million displaced people still need to be resettled without food or clothing. Greece will continue to provide assistance to help the Afghan people tide over the difficulties. The Ministry of Refugee Affairs will ensure that all supplies are distributed in a timely manner to people in genuine need.

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