Cancel or Context: Literature
Owen Fairclough

George Floyd's murder and the deaths of other African Americans at the hands of police were defining moments in the history of racial injustice.

The reckoning over centuries of oppression and discrimination have resonated far beyond matters of policing and civil rights to reappraisals of many aspects of society.

Divisive language, symbols, norms, brands and habits are being abandoned under what we call cancel culture, often accelerated by social media.

But to what extent can societies come to terms with these divisive elements isn’t easy, especially with the weight of history behind them.

So can we contextualize them enough to live with them?

In a new series, CGTN's Owen Fairclough examines three areas that often drive cancel culture: literature, monuments and sport.

And in the first episode, he finds difficult questions about the books he grew up reading.

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