How to enter CGTN's Global Action Initiative competition

People of Earth, we want your help to be more sustainable! If you'd like to share your sustainability hack with us and possibly be on TV, you're at the right place.  


Here are some questions and answers you may have on how to enter into our GAI competition and possibly end up on TV.

How should my video be shot?
Ideally videos should be horizontal for TV, and in high definition.

How long should my video be?
Very short, think TikTok length.  5-20 seconds ideally, shorter is better!

What am I supposed to shoot?
Anything that shows off a cool sustainability hack or practice that you’ve incorporated into your life!  Here’s an example, but you don’t have to use the “snapping” thing that is done here.  We love creativity!

Where is this going to be shown?
On the CGTN America News TV channel.  It could be shown during the 2021 GAI conference!

What is GAI?
GAI is the Global Action Initiative!  GAI is an international conference where global leaders are invited to talk about the most important issues we need to overcome to save the planet. Last year’s conference was about overcoming poverty. This year, GAI is tackling the biggest behemoth of them all - climate change.

How do I submit my entry?  
Send a file via email to If the file size is too large, send us a WeTransfer link!

My question wasn’t answered on this page!
If you have a question related to this competition, email  

If you have a question about GAI in general, you can email

Record a short video sharing a sustainability hack, and you could be featured at the 2021 Global Action Initiative Conference!  Send videos to to enter!

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