Chinese Ambassador to the U.S Qin Gang commemorated the 80th anniversary of Flying Tiger coming to China

Qin Gang, Chinese Ambassador to the U.S, delivered a video speech to commemorating the 80th anniversary of the first American Volunteer Air Force Group (Flying Tigers) to help China in the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression. 

Ambassador Qin said the spirits of “Flying Tigers” carried the profound friendship forged by blood between Chinese and Americans. For 80 years, the story of “Flying Tigers” had been passed down from generation to generation in China and U.S with exhibitions, memorial halls, precious cultural relics, and constant interactions among historical members and descendants from both country.

Qin pointed out that as China-US relations are facing challenges, both countries should inherit the historical friendship, respect each other, and keep collaborating to jointly respond to global challenges such as the pandemic, economic recovery, and climate change. 

It is the two big countries’ responsibilities to build a peaceful, prosperous and stable world for future generations. “ This is exactly why we need to commemorate and carry forward the spirit of the "Flying Tigers" today, Qin said.

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