Qin Gang: China, U.S. need journalists to cover the other side

“The U.S. started this unreasonable crackdown on Chinese media by expelling 60 Chinese journalists and labelling Chinese media with 'foreign agent' or 'foreign missions'. Under reciprocity principles, we had no choice but to ask some American journalists to leave China, but we maintained our great restraint." Chinese ambassador to the U.S. Qin Gang told U.S. journalist in a joint interview.

He said that the restrictions on journalists initiated by the U.S. have caused difficulties in improving understanding between the two nations.

"China and the U.S. have been in talks about this over the past year, and have reached a three-point consensus. First, ensuring that journalists from either country currently based in can enter and leave that country normally based on laws and regulations. Second, issuing one-year multiple entry visas to journalists from the other country. Third, approving visas on equal footing for new journalists who meet application requirements." Qin explained, stressing that allowing journalists to cover news in the other side's country is essential in boosting communications.

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