Qin Gang: Some Americans treat China like parents treating kids

"What surprised me is that some Americans treat China like parents treating kids, scolding them for doing this wrong and correcting that." Chinese ambassador to the U.S. Qin Gang said, as he took a joint interview with multiple U.S. media on Monday.

He said that these people seem to know little about China or the Chinese people, but they talk like "China experts", based on wrong facts and figures.

He made the remarks when answering a question about his biggest shock in the U.S. after taking his position in late July.

But he also said there are friendly and easy-going American people who care about their own life and work just as the Chinese care about theirs.

"I've spoken with many American youngsters who are learning Chinese. They were kind and passionate about the Chinese language and culture. I also received letters from many ordinary Americans who said they are interested in China and wanted to know more about it." Qin added.

"Which side represents the true America? I need more study here to find out." Qin told American journalists.

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