2021: CMG builds platforms to call for actions on world's pressing issues
Updated 21:49, 29-Dec-2021

In 2021, countries around the world continued policy efforts to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, but the rapid spreading of the new variant of the coronavirus has cast shadow on the recovery path. Uneven access to vaccines, rising climate risks, unresolved regional conflicts, ongoing trade tensions and supply chain bottlenecks pose additional threats to build a shared prosperity for all.

As a global media organization, China Media Group (CMG) takes the lead in establishing a platform for global opinion leaders and influencers to discuss global challenges and possible solutions, which has helped raise public awareness about how global crisis impacted people's lives and push for actions to change.

Here are the two major special programs CMG presented during 2021:

Global Action Initiative 2021 – Project Earth 

Click here to learn more about this event and watch the full show

Climate Change is one of the most pressing issues of our time.

During the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, CMG launched its annual Global Action Initiative event with an extensive focus this year on the dangers of climate change and possible solutions.

Policy-makers, youth climate activists and industry experts from around the world discussed challenges, showcased positive outcomes and explored innovative solutions. Keynote speakers and panelists include President of Sierra Leone Julius Maada, Prime Minister of Iceland Katrín Jakobsdottir, and senior officials from IMF, World Bank and UN.

In five-days of special coverage, we also took a deep dive on the importance of bio-diversity in the fight against climate change, spoke to top notch journalists and filmmakers about climate change coverage, discussed with everyday people about how to adopt sustainable lifestyles, and highlighted the need to mobilize young people in the climate action initiatives.

In addition, CMG called for global media partners to collaborate with combined influence on climate actions.

Special Program: China's 50 years at the UN

Click here to learn more about this program and watch the full show

2020 marks the 50th anniversary of when China's lawful seat was restored at the United Nations. 

In a special program to celebrate China's 50 years at the UN, global leaders and UN officials talked about global challenges and China's roles in promoting multilateralism and global cooperation to enhance international development, common prosperity, and peace. 

Over the past 50 years, China has been at the forefront of the UN on issues such as climate change, peacekeeping, poverty, and vaccine equity.

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