Ambassador Qin on Chinese Americans' role in China-U.S. relations

Chinese Ambassador to the U.S. Qin Gang gave remarks at the Reception of Committee of 100, He discussed three questions related to the role of Chinese Americans in China-U.S. relations. Here's the full text: 

Ambassador Gary Locke, 

Mr. Huang Zhengyu,

Friends of the Committee of 100,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is my great pleasure to join you at this reception. Members of the Committee of 100 are the cream of society. You have made remarkable achievements with your ingenuity and hard work, and you have become outstanding representatives of Chinese Americans. Since its establishment over 30 years ago, the Committee of 100 has helped Chinese Americans integrate into American society and improve their social status. It has got many great things done for China-U.S. friendship and cooperation. Let me pay high tribute to you here.

As Chinese Ambassador to the U.S., I take it as my mission to implement the common understanding between Chinese and US Presidents, follow the principles of mutual respect, peaceful coexistence, and win-win cooperation, and take China-U.S. relations back to the right track of healthy and stable development. This is for the benefit of the people in both countries and the whole world. Today, I wish to share with you three questions. They are for my C100 friends, and they are also something I have been pondering since assumption of office.

First, what role should Chinese Americans play in China-U.S. relations? The China-U.S. relationship is going through serious difficulties. China is regarded as the most serious competitor and even "national security threat No.1" of the U.S. With various kinds of misunderstanding, misperceptions and misjudgments going on, the risks of confrontation and conflict are on the rise. The China-U.S. relationship concerns not only the future of the world, but also the welfare of Chinese Americans. Just as an old Chinese saying goes, "No egg stays unbroken when the nest is overturned". Chinese Americans are U.S. citizens with natural ties with China. I hope that you can help build China-U.S. friendship, advance exchanges and cooperation, bridge differences and ease confrontation. Ultimately, Chinese Americans can only prosper when the China-U.S. relationship enjoys sound and stable development.

The second question, what should Chinese Americans do to eliminate anti-Chinese and anti-Asian hate? I read through the report released by C100 last year "From Foundations to Frontiers: Chinese American Contributions to the Fabric of America". For nearly 200 years, Chinese Americans have put in blood, sweat and tears to survive and thrive in the U.S., making important contributions to this land. But still, they have suffered from long-term discrimination, which has been compounded by the pandemic in the past two years. Faced with growing racism, Chinese Americans must unite and act, get more engaged in politics, get more integrated into American society, and better protect your legitimate rights and interests.

The third question, how can there be a stronger identity awareness among the younger generation of Chinese Americans? No matter where they are, people of Chinese origin share the same ancestry. The yellow skin and dark eyes are a gift from our ancestors. From my recent communication with some members of the Congress, I have found that they are very proud of their family background as immigrants centuries ago. So I encourage the younger generation of Chinese Americans to know more about your origin, and about how your family and the entire community of Chinese Americans have come such a long way, just like the history displayed in this museum. I encourage the younger generation to learn more about Chinese culture and develop bonds and affinity with your ancestral country.  


The Chinese Embassy in the United States will continue to do its best to stop the anti-Asian and anti-Chinese hatred and improve the circumstances of Chinese Americans. I hope that C100 will play a greater role in this process. And I also hope that you can work with me, through various ways, to let Americans have a correct understanding of China, Chinese Americans and China-U.S. relations. Let's work together for the growth of China-U.S. relations, for a harmonious Chinese American community, and for the future of the younger generation! 

Thank you!

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