SCOTUS sides with Biden to end 'stay in Mexico' immigration policy
Omar Elwafaii in Washington D.C.
North America;United States of America

The number of migrants caught crossing the U.S.-Mexico border has reached record highs recently.

The U.S. Supreme Court sided with U.S. President Joe Biden on Thursday as he seeks to end a hardline immigration policy begun under his predecessor Donald Trump that forced tens of thousands of migrants to stay in Mexico to await U.S. hearings on their asylum claims.

Republicans have criticized Biden's immigration policies and contend that the "remain in Mexico" policy effectively deterred unlawful migration.

For migrants not posing a security risk, immigration law separately allows their release into the U.S. for humanitarian reasons or "significant public benefit" pending a hearing, a practice officials have followed for decades.

The ruling is a victory for Biden, who appealed the lower court's decision, and his plan to implement a more "humane" approach at the southern border.

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