Chinese tourists call out South Korea’s new COVID restrictions

Some recent social media posts show Chinese citizens saying they faced unfair treatment at an airport after entering South Korea.

One video shows the travelers receiving a yellow card after they arrived and were told to hang it around their necks.

They were also escorted by soldiers as they got their luggage, underwent COVID tests, and were sent to a restricted area.

They said tourists from other countries did not receive the same treatment and called the response discriminatory.

Many commented on the posts saying they were angry and agreeing that they were discriminated against.

China's Foreign Ministry commented on the notice during the regular press conference, saying that a few countries insist on discriminatory entry restrictions against China in disregard of scientific facts and the reality of the epidemic in their own countries. 

"China once again call on the relevant countries to make sure that their COVID-19 response measures are fact-based, science-based and appropriate, refrain from taking the pandemic policy change as an opportunity to engage in political manipulation, refrain from adopting any discriminatory approaches, and refrain from negatively impacting normal interstate travel, people-to-people exchanges and cooperation," Wang Wenbin, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said.

China also suspended short-term visa issuances to South Korean travelers on Tuesday as a ‘reciprocal measure’.

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