Indiana father arrested after four-year-old waves gun around
Updated 00:38, 19-Jan-2023

A father has been arrested in the U.S. state of Indiana after security video from a neighbor’s doorbell camera showed his diaper-clad four-year-old son waving a real gun in the hallway of their apartment building.  

Shane Osborne, who reportedly told police he was a convicted felon not allowed to own guns, was arrested and charged with neglect after police recovered a handgun in a desk with 15 rounds in the magazine, but none in the chamber.

The arrest was broadcast on television as part of a docu-series “On Patrol: Live” that follows first responders and was filming in the area.Another community is still reeling after a six-year-old child ‘intentionally’ shot his teacher in the chest in a classroom in Newport News in the U.S. state of Virginia on January 6.

More than 6,000 children were hurt or killed last year by gunfire in a country where more than 30 million children are members of families that keep firearms in their homes.

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