Nepal’s plane crash victims

Rescuers near the tourist city of Pokhara used drones on Tuesday in search for the last missing person who was on the Yeti Airlines flight that crashed on Sunday. So far 71 bodies were recovered including six children. Authorities are set to resume the search on Wednesday to recover the last body. Meanwhile, Nepalese authorities began returning bodies to their mourning families.


All passengers aboard Yeti Airlines flight were killed on Sunday as it plummeted into a gorge.

Searchers found both black boxes on Monday. The cockpit voice recorder will be analyzed in Nepal. 

The flight recorder will be sent to France for analysis, as the aircraft was manufactured there.

The cause of the crash is still not clear. It happened on a mild day with clear skies. 

The co-pilot of the Yeti Airlines flight lost her husband in a similar crash 16 years ago. 

The death of Anju Khatiwada’s husband piloting another Yeti Airlines flight prompted her to become a pilot herself. 

Local journalist Tribhuban Poudel was also on the flight. 

His body was brought back to his mourning family on Tuesday. 

The flight's Captain Kamal K.C. was a senior pilot with 35 years of experience who trained several successful pilots. 

"We have lost the precious lives of so many, and this is happening again and again in Nepal. And we Nepalese and other countries' families have moved (the bodies of) our loved ones. This is an irreparable loss," said Ram Bahadur K.C., Uncle of the Pilot.

The victims included Nepali nationals, 15 foreigners and six children. 

Raj Dhungana, the uncle of passenger Sangita Shahi, 23, told AFP that his whole family is in pain. 

"God has taken away such a nice person," he said as he was waiting outside the hospital in Pokhara.

A candlelit vigil was held in Kathmandu on Monday in memory of the crash victims. Saran Kumar Gurung, a Vigil participant said the vigil was to wish peace for the victims. 

“In the history of our Nepal, there has been a lot of human loss in air crashes, we are doing this to wish peace upon the souls of those people (who have died).”

Sunday’s crash of the Yeti Airlines flight in Pokhara, Nepal highlights the danger of flying in a country that is often considered amongst the riskiest in the world to fly. How common are fatal aviation crashes in Nepal?

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Nepal’s plane crash victims
Nepal’s plane crash victims
Nepal’s plane crash victims
Nepal’s plane crash victims
Nepal’s plane crash victims

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