South Korea, Japan renew ties after decades of frosty relations

A crucial summit between the leaders of South Korea and Japan saw the two countries take steps toward reconciliation after a decade of dispute. The meeting comes amid growing tensions near the Korean Peninsula, as the DPRK ramps up the testing of its missile program.

For over a decade, visits by Japanese and South Korean leaders were suspended over sour relations on several issues, including a wartime labor dispute. Now, the two are hoping to handle the security challenges facing their countries.

China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs commented on the meeting, underscoring the importance of trade and relations between China, Japan and South Korea.

“China, Japan and the ROK (South Korea) are important economic and trade partners,” Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin said. “[It] is in the common interest of the three parties and the region to jointly maintain the stability and smooth flow of the regional and global industrial and supply chain.”

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