Police raid home of former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan

Police entered former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan's home in an upscale neighborhood in Lahore on Saturday, March 18.

Before entering police said Khan's supporters clashed with officers, including a man on the roof who opened fire.

Three officers were injured, police said.

Khan meanwhile had traveled 380 km away (235 miles) to Islamabad to appear at a court to face charges of stealing state gifts and hiding assets, charges he denies.

He had previously been at home since Tuesday while his supporters clashed with police to prevent Khan's arrest.

Police used tear gas to disperse supporters, witnesses told the AP. Sixty-one people were arrested.

Inside the home police found automatic weapons, Molotov cocktails, iron rods, and batons.

Supporters around Khan's motorcade also clashed with police in when he arrived at the gate of the judicial court in Islamabad.

Two police cars were set on fire outside the court.

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