Rattlesnake roundup in Texas draws ire from animal advocates

This year’s 65th annual Sweetwater Jaycees rattlesnake roundup netted 2,595 pounds of rattlesnakes. 

The annual event sees thousands of the venomous snakes rooted out of their lairs for sport, prompting the ire of animal rights activists.


There’s no regulation during the rattlesnake roundup in the U.S. state of Texas, where the venomous snakes are hunted and slaughtered in an annual free-for-all event.

The town of Sweetwater, Texas hosts the “world’s largest” rattlesnake roundup, where thousands of rattlesnakes are killed.  

The snakes are trapped just as they are emerging from their dens to breed in the second week of March.

When snakes don’t come out of their dens, hunters can use gasoline to encourage their exit. The captured snakes are then put on display for tens of thousands of visitors before being killed for their skins and venom. 

Guided hunts can also be purchased, where gasoline almost guarantees everyone can participate in collecting a venomous rattlesnake from the rocks.

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