RSV is spreading in Chile, causing infant deaths
Omar Elwafaii
South America;Chile

Infants in Chile are dying from respiratory illnesses, partially made worse by a lowered immune response following pandemic-era isolations, according to the Health Minister, Ximena Aguilera.


At least four infants have recently died and many more are in hospitals, infected with respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). Chile was expecting a higher circulation of the disease, but this has transformed into one of the largest outbreaks of RSV in recent years.

RSV is fairly common and usually causes mild cold-like symptoms, but it can be dangerous to infants and older adults.

Yessenia Sanchez lost her baby to the virus and warns other parents to pay particular attention.“I say all this and I tell my story mainly to call on the whole population to be very attentive to their children because it is sad," Sanchez told Reuters.

At least two of the infants who died were waiting for hospital beds when they passed.

The country’s Health Ministry is increasing the number of critical pediatric beds, but occupancy is already around 94%.

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