People without homes are on the rise in US, with 30% in California

Ediz Tiyansan


The number of homeless people across the United States has grown, and 30 percent of them live in California. In 2023, the city of Los Angeles officially became the new so-called “homeless capital of the United States” overtaking New York. 

Our correspondent Ediz Tiyansan reports.

The national study on homelessness showed increased numbers across the country, with Los Angeles topping the list. Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass says more than 22,000 people were moved into temporary shelters in 2023 — a 28 percent increase from the year before.

The number of people put in interim housing is about 2,000 and only 255 have been lucky enough to get permanent housing — that’s after $67 million spent by the city’s homeless services over the past year.

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