Huge winter storms wallop much of U.S.


Flood warnings replaced tornado watches on Wednesday, as millions across the U.S. woke up to the aftermath of severe winter storms that blew through communities from the Midwest to the East Coast, leaving at least five people dead.


Millions across the U.S. woke up on Wednesday to assess the damage from major winter storms.Massive winter weather patterns began blanketing large parts of the U.S. Tuesday.

The central and eastern parts of the country were most affected. One person was killed in Cottonwood, Alabama after a suspected tornado hit her home overnight. Another was killed in Claremont, North Carolina, where a state of emergency was declared.

Wind speeds reached up to 55 mph on the Florida coast and a tornado damaged structures in Panama City Beach.  Schools were closed in the Outer Banks, North Carolina, where wind speeds reached up to 64 mph.

2,000 migrants sleeping in tents in New York City were moved to a shelter amid freezing temperatures, wind and snow.

Temperatures dipped to zero degrees Fahrenheit in the state of Iowa.

The severe storms also left half a million people over 12 states without power.

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